Benefits of Superfrass

Environmentally Conscious

We only feed our larvae organic by-products from the wine and fruit processing industries.


Packed with macro-elements (N, P, K) and micro-nutrients (Zn, Cu, etc.), which enable your plants to grow robustly.

Living Soil

Superfrass introduces beneficial bacteria and fungi into your growing environment to help rejuvenate and regenerate your soil.

Pest Control

Contains Chitin, a natural molecule that helps plants to defend themselves against disease pathogens and predators, such as root feeding nematodes.

Water Wise

SuperFrass helps with water retention, meaning you use less water.

Slow Release

Contains cellulosic fibres that bind nutrients for a slow-release benefit.
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Natural, high-quality organic soil additive

that stimulates, regenerates and protects your plants.

Superfrass is an organic soil additive that lowers pollution while increasing agricultural production. Our soil comes packed with beneficial microorganisms, chitin, macronutrients, and micronutrients.

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